The JavaScript Adventure Club presents:


2015 sees the first NodeBot Battle Royale. From Feburary, NodeBots of London will be running a team based NodeBots competition.

No experience is necessary, just creativity, a hot glue gun and a soldering iron. Maybe a hardware debugger multi-meter too.

How does it work?

Every month a new challenge will be issued, along with parts and a reference design.

Be warned - if you just use the reference design, you are unlikely to win! How will you modify the design to give your robot the edge? Will you throw it out entirely? It's up to you.

Points will be awarded to the winners and runners up and bonus points will be awarded for carnage, creativity and others.

At the end of the competition a trophy will be awarded to the winners.

What should I bring?

You are encouraged to bring tools extra components but spare parts, wood, dremels, etc will be available for you to use.

At the very least, an Arduino Starter Kit is advisable.

How do I enter?

Sign up on and if required, purchase a reference kit.

I don't have a team!

Teams will be allocated on the day. You are encouraged to stay in the same team for the duration of the competition, but if you want to swap, that's fine too.

I'm a beginner!

Great! Beginners are more than welcome - there's nothing like getting stuck in to learn so you'll be assigned to a team.

We'll still be running our regular beginner workshops and you get a head start by completing the NodeBot Workshop (no hardware required).

Meh, I just want to hack on stuff

Come on down! You might have to do a show and tell at the end though.



Comming soon!



We are actively seeking sponsors for hardware and food. Get in touch - we promise to say nice things about you!


Largely inspired by the rather excellent NodeBots @CodeMash.